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[ENGLISH/ANGLAIS] Interview of two visual-kei girls : Ruka and Naoko !

    Hi !

Our interview of the day is talking about a style that we love particualry : Visual Kei ! Yaaay~
This style will be introduced by the beautiful Ruka and Naoko ! You know them ? ^^
If yes, the interview will let you know more about them. If no, you will discover them!

Before starting an insertion about the Visual Kei is needed !
Visual Kei is a particulary style, because it's very hard to define it. 
To be simple, Visual Kei can be recognized by the eye more than knowing what it really is. You need to know that Visual Kei is a Fashion style but also a Music style very close to Rock. Most of the time this style is associated with gothic, rock or punk "in the japanise style". That's why the awsome pictures of our guest today, will be better to understand what's Visual Kei. ( Of course if you want to know more about this fashion, it will be with pleasure we explain to you ! )

Several sub-categories exist :
- Angura Kei. Mainly based in revisited kimonos.
- Eroguro Kei. It's from erotic and gore.
- Goshiku Kei. Wich is very close to the European gothic.
- Oshare Kei. It's a Visual Kei very colorfull.

And a lot of others. So, we should start no ? 


    => T&L : Welcome to our blog ! And thank you for accepting the interview ! In France , we are more and more people wearing the Visual Kei but it is quite complicated to understand at first what is it, because it rules are very open, so it 's hard to describe it ! Can you explain to us what it is for you?

Ruka : I consider the Visual Kei as the clothing style of J -rock , so I do not know what to say about it ... But I think everyone can re-take it on his own way. * laugh *
But if we assume that we are talking of the  Musical style well I would say that each group also takes it as they want. By mixing several musical styles etc. . I think the VK is based on instrumental and melody more than elsewhere !

Naoko : For me the Visual Kei as clothing style is  very inspired by multiple styles that are present in Harajuku. It highlights eccentric hairstyles, but also more conventional but very elegant hairstyles . Harmony is sought across from accessories, clothing and hairstyle. What I like most is the fact that there is this punk inspiration, but at the same time street wear and elegance. Many Visu wear sneakers with their outfit, for example the brands Sex Pot Revenge ( brand inspired punk) and Civarize ( brand inspired by the elegant and street wear ).

( Ruka on one of her RUKI's cosplay. At her first time~ )
     => T&L :  Ruka , you're a cosplayer of RUKI ( singer of the GazettE ) . But in everyday life can you say that you are wearing the Visual Kei through it ?

Ruka : I do not think Ruki is really VK ... It's too soft to be! * laugh *
Finally, I talk to his actual style, before it was more Visual Kei but it .. That was before . * laugh *
To answer the question, I would say yes , I saw my style through it, but I'm really VK when I cosplay its complete outfits that are more developed and Visu (PV or stage costumes )

       => T&L : Speaking of cosplay : Naoko , you already cosplayed member of Visual Kei band ? If so, is that helps you and inspires you for your own style?

Naoko : I 've cosplayed : Ryoga ( BORN ) , Ruki ( the GazettE ) Reita ( the GazettE ) , Ikuma ( AND- Eccentric Agent) , Takeru ( SuG ) and Akira ( DISACODE , Sex Pot Revenge Model )
It does not really help me , I just like to cosplay.
However, it inspires me for my personal style . This often gives me new ideas for makeup or haircuts I would like to test.

( Naoko, on one of her first test in Visual Kei ) 

     => T&L : Do you have worn other styles before ? Why hav youe finally chosen the Visual Kei , while Japanese fashion is full of lots of different style?

Ruka : Before I had the style of the good girl . * laugh *
Long hair, women's clothing, small bezel and so on ! I discovered this style through a friend and I thank her with all my heart ! I slowly started to put me in this style and then I changed over the years .

Naoko : Before Visu, I was rather mundane , but always dressed in black! * laughs *
I think the Visu is the style  that suits me. I love the music, the style, the way of thinking , everything. I would even like to devote my life to it.

     => T&L : The next question is rather complicated! Especially for the Visual Kei , since it is a style that sometimes even the artist can not explain . * laugh *
Try to answer as you think! What does being Visual Kei guy by the clothes?

Ruka : As said above , everyone can take the style as it suits him, I know many Visual Kai guys and each of them has his own style while remaining Visual Kei . And I think it's great that while staying in a style , you can still wear different things corresponding to your own personality.

( Outfit of the interview, Ruka : you will find it in our Lookbook  ! )

     => T&L: Yoshiki (X JAPAN)  said in a 2007 interview: "The Visual Kei, this is not just clothes and makeup. It's primarily a way of thinking.". 
So what does being a Visual Kei guy in mind ? 

Naoko: I totally agree with Yoshiki. I think people who are Visu by the style just did not understand anything. 
Being Visu is first be passionate about music. Then, for the artists, it is a way of life (dress). It's a bit difficult for us Europeans to explain it. Because it was not necessarily the lifestyle that we follows, but for me, a Visu has in mind a different vision of the world which is more or less chaotic for some art, especially music. I find Visu so hard and very artistic.

( Outfit of the interview, Naoko : Find it on Lookbook ! )

        => T&L : We would like to make a brief  "music" break, although our blog is more focused on "fashion" ! But you went to the GazettE concert right ? Con you tell us about this experience ?

Ruka: Yes ... and frankly I do not know if I'll find the words * laugh * It was ... magical. It's been 8 years since I follow them and I'm a fan of them! So when I knew I for the concert dark! * Laugh * 
And be able to see my idol with my own eyes .. I burst into tears * laugh * It was as indescribable feeling! They are so good! See them give a background on stage is really not to be missed! Watching lives we try to give a small idea, but it's totally different! * laugh*

AOI (Guitar) is really a clown! 
URUHA (Guitar) really gived him-self on the show, I was rather shocked * laugh * 
REITA (Bass) .. Well it was REITA just awesome! 
I'm a little sad not to have seen much Kai (Drums) ... 
  Just groupies ... Who were slammed! I would have knocked one or two * laugh * 
Oh yes and I almost forgot the most beautiful! When they returned to the stage after Encore, a fan-project was organized and everyone brandishing a heart printed on a sheet! Their faces were beautiful when they explore the room, I really thought the little RUKI (singer) would cry! And we had the chance to have hearts made ​​with their hands, so cute ~

Naoko : What a concert! * laughs * I found myself in front of the fence while less than one meter of RUKI (I had the right to have free postillions and fantastic zooms on his underwear * laughs *). The concert was magical, and being at the forefront is awesome, I was absorbed by their music and  their sublime appearance. But other fans have crushed me, I almost died. The atmosphere was really unbearable.

( Bonus photo of Naoko ! )

     => T&L: As it's wanted by the tradition, if you don't do it you are cursed forever, can you leave a note for readers of the blog? 

Ruka: Thank you all for taking the time to read this and especially continued to come here * laughs * These girls are great ~ 

Naoko: Thank you for reading this interview and talk to me if you want (^ - ^) /

( Bonus photo of Ruka : RUKI's Sexy cosplay inspired by a fan-art)

Opinion of bloggers : Well, it's an interesting interview no? : D 

[Takara] Just before given our opinion , I want to put a little note on the GazettE concert, I am absolutely a fan for 8 years now: it was a dream come true and I think I still can not say "I saw the GazettE"

[T&L] So,  as Visual Kei girls in the soul, one as the other, we can not do anything more than appreciated the style of thoses ladies who wear it very well but in so different ways! And that is what is beautiful in the richness of Visual Kei. 

So what do you think of Visual Kei? You already know it? 
Do you wear it, do you listen to? You may be in the GazettE concert? 
Tell us all!

Ruka have a cosplay page, have a look : † Ruka Cosplay Page †
And Naoko have an Ameba, have a look also : <3

   With Love,
      from T&L's Diary.

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