mercredi 2 avril 2014

[RANDOM ENGLISH : Takara] Défilé at the Japan Party !

   Hey, Hey ! 

So, how are you ? We let you alone so looong, you don't hate us ? ;___;

In any case, today here is Takara to tell you about an event of the last week wich is : the défile ( or fashion walk ) of young designers at Japan Party! 
I had the chance to walk for two absolutely wonderful designer (which I would put their information at the end of article).

The adventure started when I got a PM form the pretty Hina who asked me if I would be interested about the défilé at the Japan Party. After an affirmative answer from me I had more information and blah blah blah! 
This is how I found myself assigned to the beautiful dress from "Atelier Fraise au Loup Créations"!

A beautiful black backless dress, very worked on the bust! Either way, something that fits me.

On the D day, after going to makeup and hair, I finally wear this wonder!

In truth it's 15 times more beautiful and you realize all the work that has been done by the nimble fingers of the designer. *w* 
I also had the joy of meeting friends and girls I had already meet at other conventions (or girls who I met there for the first time) I'm sorry I can not put everyone ! ><

Let's talk about the creative 2nd designer : "Douceur de Vivre" 
A few days before the show, she contacted me because she lacked a model for one of her outfits. For me who loves her job, it was with pleasure that I answered her yes, after a having small checking with another designer. This is how I found myself with 2 outfits and therefore 2 times more stress on D-Day. Awesome! xD

Once again the outfit was beautiful. In addition, I had the chance to wear a novelty that was introduced for the first time. 
Nevertheless we were very afraid of the final report on me since I'm 1m75 tall and the dress fit a 1m50 girl's tall. 8D 
Finally with a bloomer it was not so short.

Since it was a novelty, Douceur de Vivre took the opportunity to do a little shooting after the défilé so she could put the photos on her website. So I was able to be her model !

That's pretty much it for my adventures, even if before finishing I would like to thank Hina (organizer) for her work, all the designers (which I will list at end of article), Paloma and Celine, the makeup artists / hairstylists and all models with whom I had a great time. 
Thank you. <3

( Small group picture, i will try to find a better one ! )

On this, I let some pictures of me at the défilé so you can check them. :D

The designers : 
Fleurs d'ascenseurs.
Fraise au Loup Création
Sayuri Berry
Douceur de Vivre
Ladie Azur

The video of the show :

Facebook page of the défilé :
Just there !

I hope that you enjoyed this new kind of topics ! Don't hesitate to tell us what you think about it. I tried not too spread me on the subject, and in the same time how it happened. I hope I told you not too, or not enough! Be kind, this is my first Random article. > <
If you have any questions or want to know more: as usual, do not hesitate! <3

Thanks !

      With Love,

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