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[ENGLISH / ANGLAIS ] Hitsu-Blu de Chamarende and Charlène Proust's interview !

  Hey, hey ! 

How are you, guys ? We are very good ! Gazette's concert, Tokyo Crazy Kawaii and the report are now finished ! We are so exited about showing you everything !
To wait, here is a super interview ! We hope you like it. <3

     => T&L : Hello ! Let's start~ Welcome to you two on our blog ! :D
We'd begun to know how you both became fan of  the Japanese fashion culture!

Hitsu-Blu: Once upon a time in a kingdom of cow dung and chicken droppings, was born a boy (hey, me !* Smile like Flynn Rider*)
   So, i actually discovered manga deep in my campaign, and thus has little in awe of the Asian world with "their eyes all beautiful too pretty", as I said at the time ahahaha ... * alone *
   Then I got the net and i had my sexual revelation and my gay teen frustrated time and then fashion rebellion is obvious to me in my drawings (pushed by my grand-ma painter). I'm always interested in fashion Castle (because i like several centuries) and especially to royalty, so i easily found the Lolita and Kodona! But due to a bitter defeat in the Kodona, i forgot it but never really separates me ... And in my area already my hair looking mike "emo" went wrong ..
But then I got to Paris and i do capillaries crazy things, and crazy dressing to calm down and focus on my soul of Hitsu-Blu de Chamarende!

Charlène : I discovered through the manga also, I loved the costumes they had in it, and from there came my passion for Japan! So i started doing research on this country, and i had no internet before: so i bought magazines and this is where i came across an article about Lolita. So i discovered the style and also the famous Harajuku district. I asked friends who had the net to find more info etc. .. And then total love with Japanese fashion, music and everything that follows!


( Charlène's first style test ! )

     => T&L : Okay ! And do you both now yourselfs before this discovery ?

Charlène : So, if you talk globally, no ! xD

Histu-Blu : By cons, at the Shironuri, yes! We knew before! In fact we have.. rather related lives.

Charlène : Yes, it is true that when we talk about personal stories, we realize we have the same life ahaha

Hitsu-Blu : We are so Doppelgänger of the life! XD

     => T&L : If you need to choose: what are the styles that you want to wear the most? And what is (are) your(s) favorite style(s)?

Hitsu-Blu : In general, i have a basic look for PRACTICAL and ECONOMIC reasons, especially now! So for me the simplest and most fun I've found is the Gyaru-o (more or less).
I'm a big fan of Royz group and I want to make babies with Subaru  ahaha! Otherwise, I'm more or less in the process of acquiring more  "Witchy" things or Dolly Kei, with touches of Cult Party Kei and obviously KODONA (or Dandy!)
But my favorite remains the Shironuri certainly. I know it recently but it fits me 356% !

Charlène : I wear mostly Lolita who is my favorite style. I'm totally in harmony with this delicate and feminine fashion . After i work in Shironuri, i would not say that I wear it because  the basis of Shironuri is the make-up ! If you see my outfits, I wear it usually with Lolita. Otherwise, i'm much influenced by Dolly kei, Mori kei, Pop kei. In short,  I would love to wear anything existing !


( Hitsu-Blu at his first step in this Fashion. )

     => T&L : Otherwise, in the styles you listed or not: do you have outfits projects in the future? Will you do more often Shironuri's outfits?

Charlène: Projects is generally found by Hitsu which is very good especially for Shironuri and potential twins!
Otherwise I'd like to do  Shiro Lolita with Shironuri! I also think, a pretty pop outfits, graphic in black and white with the Shironuri who goes with EVERYTHING!

Hitsu-Blu: For conventions I think ... You will see a LOT of Shironuri in any case at least once in each convention whre i would be in! (Yes, because Shironuri it's still not possible 2 or 3 days in a row ...). Being a boy is a little less simple, especially when it's hot to do Casual Shironuri as hiding his neck is so hard ahaha! So .. I'll tell you one of my projects excluded: "Pastry". Probably very quickly because I am very inspired!
And at the Crazy Tokyo Kawaii it was: "The Painter in a Flower Garden."

     => T&L : You look like really inspired, we wait to see it ~ Let's talk a little more personal in your life through fashion: what are your good (s) or bad(s) memorys with this style?

Charlène : Good, it was during my first Japan Expo with Hitsu, there was the challenge of making a good Shironuri and we was welcomed. Frankly, it has warmed our heart because to tell you the truth, it was quite stressed out!
Bad, not especially. I have a strong character so people understand that they should not bother me. If that happens i do not mind to answer "kindly".

Hitsu-Blu : Good memories -> I felt so good, especially when i can so externalized and show who i am and what I CAN do !
Bad memories -> I ruined my Japan Expo because I could not see anything (we are wondering pictures every 3 seconds), and above all it requires a flawless skin for this makeup with these products! But i have a lot of discipline for my skin and especially my face! So it goes. xD
Also "I look forward to your next outfit." It's a bad memorie. You can not know the fear i suddenly  have.. For i confess, without boasting, to Japan expo i fart the level! So I'm going to make things more "basic" and I am very afraid to disappoint ...

( Outfit of the interview : Charlène's latest Shironuri Outfit at the TCK ! Don't miss our Lookbook~ ) 

     => T&L : Talking about the bad side of this fashion, your parents and your familly accepts your style ?

Hitsu-Blu : Yes, my family agrees. But there are afraid for me .. Especially my mother. My parents are different due to their respective handicaps, they just don't want that i suffer the same inconvenience. But they find it beautiful, it's the more fear..

After some things not go, but it's because they are country people and they are not of the same generation so it's normal.

Charlène : Yes they all agree, i've always been quite offset from the other, since the age of 12 years. Well before it was uum, weird and not work at all ! But then, i've improved and they love it! x) 

     => T&L : You know Minori ? What do you think about her style ?

Hitsu-Blu : So, yes. I met Minori at Japan Expo, and i talked to her a little. This is an absolutely lovely lady, fresh and creative.

Charlène: Well i also wanted to talk to her but my English is baaaaaad * hang* ...

Hitsu-Blu: Oooooh, my poor *hug*
What evere, she knew creates her world. HOWEVER, i find it sad that everyone clings to her thinking she's represents Shironuri.

Charlène: Yes, i agree. Shironuri it's simply the concept of white face! The dress style is different! Each expresses what he is in Shironuri.

Hitsu-Blu :  Personally though i love her, she's not in my top three. I'm more into the world of GAMA, Uri which is BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY even without white cheese! And of course Tsunoshi!

Charlène: You can also cite Ki Si, the beautiful Shioka, Bazookistan and so on!

(Outfit of the interview : Hitsu's latest Shironuri outfit at the TCK ! See more at our Lookbook~ )

     => T&L : Thank you to carry enough interest to our blog for accepting this interview. But it is now complete and as want our tradition a little word for our blog and its readers?

Hitsu & Charlène : 
We hope you have had the courage to read everything we write so much! Don't  be ashamed of who you are and do not hesitate to ask for advice and especially to accept criticism! Work on your own universe, you do not necessarily attach style (ON / OFF is cool too, some styles are more easily affordable for various reasons) enjoy! Do not be afraid of what other people even though sometimes it's hard, be strong!
Stay well, eat peanuts (and goat cheese) and attention to Mameshiba .. Neee Shiteru ~ ~!

Hitsu-Blu : Blue kisses, little stars.  (● 'ー `●)
Charlène : a slap on each buttock, Yo!

( Bonus picture ! <3 )

The opinions of bloggers: I think our opinion, will join the opinion of our readers, but they are really two people who have an extraordinary style! We really admire and appreciate the world they have created. This is truly remarkable! In addition, they are adorable and their interview is great fun to read right? x)

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