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[ENGLISH / ANGLAIS ] Exclusive interview of Minori !

  Hey ! 

We are here again for a super interview, that we are very proud to present it to you ! Indeed, we had the chance that Minori accepts to answer to few questions ! Being very taken, there's not a lot of question and her answers are sometimes very short, we thank you in advance for your understanding. <3

A small introduction of Minori is important before we start! Minori  is a young woman who has gradually become a reference in Shironuri fashion. Known and admired for her elegance, smoothness, and outstanding outfits Minori is also recognized as a photo model.
Her remarkable outfits, haves also the distinction of being almost always handmade by Minori herself!
You also need to know that Shironuri, can't be completely represented by Minori, since Shironuri is that the characterization of white face: this means that the dress code can be completely different from what she shows.
Nevertheless Minori inspires a lot of fans in their  Shironuri outfits!

     => T&L : Hello, Minori ! Welcome in the blog ! We are very pleased to welcome you, here !
So, first question : a lot of person now you just because of Shironuri. But what was the fist style you wear ? And why do you stop on Shironuri and not on somehing else ?

Minori : My first style was Gothic Lolita!

But i had always the feeling that my face skin color and my bright dyed hair color doesn't match. I was thinking also that my face haven't the impact as my fashion style.
At this moment one of my friends who was wearing Shironuri recommend it to me. So, when i trided it, i was like " This is it!" .

Shironuri was like my best canvas. Any kind of color and make up just stand up.
So now, i'm not Gothic Lolita. I'm my original style.

     => T&L : Waw, it sounds great how much you love your style, and how much it inspires you. It's fun to see that your first style was very dark in color and now so bright.
You are talking about you most beautiful canvas, so tell us : how much time you need to finish your masterpiece ?
Including clothing and make-up.

Minori : Hum.. Maybe about 2 hours and a half. Counting one hour and a half for make-up.

     => T&L : You take a lot of time to be ready. Do you do it every day?

Minori : No, i wear Shironuri only for shooting or for shopping.

    => T&L : You look very attached to Shironuri ( see first answer ) but apart that it's a kind of art for you ; what represent Shironuri ?

Minori : I want to be the most beautiful. And Shironuri is a huge part of it. Someones think taht it's not beautiful. But i think that it's wonderful.
Shironuri is a part of Minori. :)

    => T&L : And how do you find inspirations for your outfits ? Were do you buy your clothes ?

Minori :
 Nature inspires me... It's a vein see through sunlight, or a root of tree.
I annouce here that i will open soon my website shop. But sometimes i buy in vintage shop.

    => T&L : Before closing this interview, there's an important point enough for us French fans ! You came to Paris last summer at the JAPAN EXPO 2013. Tell us about it! What did you think of Paris? Fans, and their reception of you?

Minori: I love Paris! The population is beautiful, and also the urban landscape.
The French fans were saying "I love you Minori" some with tears in eyes. I was very surprised! I thought "You know me? OMG, I am so happy!"
Everyone was really cute, and so kind.

( Photo taken from a photoshoot in Paris! )

=> T&L: In the name of all, we can say that we were very happy to welcome you in France and to meet you! For our part, we were from the fans with tears in eyes * laughs *! Unfortunately all good things end. And we would end this interview with our tradition with a note from you.

Minori : You are the only one who can change yourself.

    Best regards,


The opinions of bloggers: I do not know if you have noticed it during the interview but we're both undisputed fans * laughs *! Minori is a woman and an extremely talented artist. Her outfits are always stunning. We had the chance to meet her at the JAPAN EXPO 2013, you will notice that in the photos we are extremely heartfelt to tears. Our face are really funny! xD
In short, what has that Minori will open her website shop, we decided to make for her a review as first clients. Indeed, one of us (Takara) received from Minori a magnificent hat sumptuously produced~
Well, we do not know what to say about Minori actually. It leaves us speechless! By cons, an announcement will be made in 24H, in the next article associated with Minori  ​​! Stay on your guard it's very important! <3

( Here in preview the hat recevied by Takara ! )

The surprise is finnaly brought to light. x)
So? Sincerly, you exepcted it ? Give us your impressions, it's important for us ! <3
As we said it here, and in our social networks this interview will change some things in the blog ! Stay connected, we will tell you everything !

Last thing : and have a look to her page and her web site. <3

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