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[ENGLISH / ANGLAIS ] First interview of the blog : Shin Ichi and Candy Hashi !

Hello everyone ! 

[ Before we start we think it's important to say sorry, because we are really late! We have a lot of things to do so the translation take time to come. ^^' ]

The first interview of the blog will talk about... Shin Ichi and Candy Hashi ! :D
There are two persons who have Lolita/Kodona style and who a lot of people admires for their way to dress but also for their personalities.

The interview is a little long but it will hlep you to now a lot of things about this pretty couple ! We wish you like it.

     => T&L : After this introduction, let's start ! Hello to you both. <3
And thanks to be with us !
I think a lot of people want to know how do you meet ?

Shin & Hashi : We met Skyblog on the base of the base! We started talking about our mutual love of Japanese culture, our passion for animation, manga and J-Music.

Shin: I made him discover the Pop / Rock section of the J-Music. I do not even know the Visu. x)

Hashi: At that time i was just beginning to get interested in lolita, and it's talking with Shin that I decided to really invest myself in this fashion.

( Shin in one of his first Visual Kei outfit ! )

     => T&L : You had the chance to meet yourselfs with your passion! Have you any other important meeting with that? What would be the best? :)

Hashi: We do a looooooot beautiful meeting ! That remains in our heads is the meetingr with Bee and Giru. We hooked very quickly. I remember i jumped into her arms the first time i saw Bee, 3 years ago! For Giru, we met last year and we had a big crush on her. We are very united and very close group. I found not only Lolitas with them i found as well  people with a big heart, with the head on their shoulders and with whom it's always a pleasure to discuss! They are great and we love them!
We have obviously not been as they signifiant meetinf and lasting friendship (as Rei for example) listed but talk about everyone would be very long! We gives hugs to those who recognize theirselfs on this ^ __ ^!

( Hashi in her first steps on the Lolita Fashion~ )

     => T&L : Besides, how did you discover the Japanese fashion and it universe ?

Shin: I had a first approach with some stars like Gackt or Ayumi Hamasaki who sometimes had special clothing or via manga but Hashi really showed me and helped me to discover a wide range whatsoever with Visual Kei, Decora, Ganguro and the list goes on. ^ ^

Hashi: I was listed on the well-known site and searching on this site, i come across lots of style that have retained my attention and open up my culture and vision on many other visions. The first that struck me were the Decora and Loli.

     => T&L : And after discovering all this, why you start dressing like that? You could  just watch it from far? What let you want to wear it your turn? ^ ^

Shin: I found here another way to communicate and live for the moment ^ ^.
It's dosen't dress more to be comfortable or to be hot but for pleasure, the pleasure of living with our ​​own little world. I found a line of my personality! The universe hangs in the Lolita seduced me completely, and i find it a source of creativity.

Hashi: As a child i always wanted to work in fashion, and when i discovered Lolita, it was a real thunderbolt, i've always liked the colorful / childish universe. This gentle blend of elegance, femininity both sweet and cute and while on-dosed sur-operated and full details, fascinates me and inspires me. ^ __ ^

(Coordination of the interview: Hashi's favorite. More details and information about, in our Lookbook!)

     => T&L : About working in fashion! Hashi, at Japan Expo 2013 we have the opportunity to see some of your creations sales in the stand of Kawaii Mania. Could you talk about it in greater detail? Shin and you are often on the event with them!

Hashi: We regularly accompany Kawaii Mania at conventions in France, actually. We try to work in different ways together. Recently we had the opportunity to put some accessories (headresses and hats) on their stand to get critical and informed opinion. Our products have been welcome with great success and it motivates us to continue. The rest of the time, all accessories on stand Kawaii Mania are handmade by CoeurChocoBN with a lot of research and precision! I really invite you to discover the stand!
We are in partnership and we hand things in hand, we still thank Kawaii Mania can give us the opportunity to represent and be able to trust in my little creations.

     => T&L : You recently opened a facebook page! We would love to have more information. ^ w ^

Shin & Hashi: We were much sought for several reasons: firstly a professional reason for the creation runs better and be more accessible to all, and secondly because we had them both almost 5000 friends, so we wanted more filter our requests, we can now redirect people on the page. We also have some professional touch convention met (photographer / reporter) This page allows them to have access to our photos without having access to our personal information.

( Coordination of the interview: Last coordination of Shin. For more information have a look at our Lookbook. )

     => T&L :And that's it! The interview comes to it end ~ A word for the blog and its readers?

Shin & Hashi: We really hope you will enjoy this blog and readind our little interview ^ __ ^ Remember to be creative but also know to stay single-minded hope! We are not unique, neither you or us! Be humble in front of everyone, the most important is to be yourself and keep doing things for fun, not for a greedy quest for popularity.

The opinion of the bloggers: Two people simply adorable who have great taste for Japanese fashion and wearing it perfectly. We are very interested in all the details that may contain their outfits and find wonderful the time they spend probably at developping all that. Their progress is also wonderful!
In addition, the creation of Hashi are really worth! It's a perfect accessory to complete a nice outfit ~

We want them to still live  full of beautiful things together!

Check out their page:! <3

So that concludes this interview! Are they not so sweet? o;
Find on our LookBook the outfits of Shin and Candy and more details!

Next Article : An Interview of two people again ! 

   With Love,

       From T&L's Diary.

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